Current PhD projects

A2_kazuifel_rugCatholic Liturgical Textiles in the 18th Century in the Netherlands

Past, present and future
René Lugtigheid, specialisation Textiles

This study entails the development of the chasuble during the 18th century in the Netherlands and focuses upon the causes of change during that period and what the effects of these changes are regarding the design, production and the use of liturgical textiles in the Netherlands. Read more

Developments in the Technology of Tin-glaze Tile Production in the Northern Netherlands between 1580 and 1850 and the Influence on Susceptibility for Glaze Deterioration

recife-2-242Kate van Lookeren Campagne, specialisation Glass, Ceramics and Stone

This research investigates the causes of glaze loss or ‘shivering’ on Dutch tin-glaze tiles damaged by the crystallization of soluble salts. This form of deterioration is strongly influenced by problems intrinsic to the tiles themselves resulting from changes in early production techniques. Read more

Glass Sickness

08Its detection, prevention and treatment.
Guus Verhaar, Conservation Science.

Glass sickness is a form of deterioration affecting glass of all periods and from all glass-making centres. This research will consider the issues leading to tendency of certain glasses to exhibit glass sickness. Whilst focusing on the detection, research into prevention and treatment will also be part of this research. Read more

’Rendement par bac’

KNP-01-01Development of a procedure for the analysis of the composition of paper through research of known paper recipes and samples using the microscope and spot- and microchemical tests.
Bas van Velzen, specialisation Book and Paper

This research focuses on the composition of paper since it was felt that, in looking at the objects they treat, paper conservators tend to base their treatment decisions mainly on what is on the paper, with little regard for what the paper itself is made of. Read more

Rodin’s The Thinker

rodinInvestigation of 19th century bronze sculpture casting and the development of casting in sand moulds
Tonny Beentjes, specialisation Metal

In January 2007, a bronze statue by Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), the Thinker, disappeared from the sculpture garden of the Singer Museum in Laren. Shortly after the theft, the bronze was retrieved, albeit heavily damaged. The research prior to the restoration and subsequent exhibition of this sculpture raised a number of questions, which will be addressed in this PhD research. Read more

The Consequences of Wax-Resin Linings for the Present Appearance and Conservation of Dutch Golden Age Large-Scale Paintings on Canvas

Emilie Froment, specialisation Paintings

IMG_0002This research will allow painting conservators to recognize and anticipate conservation problems when confronted with wax-resin lined paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Furthermore, it will provide art historians the opportunity to re-assess the appearance of these paintings and will offer the broad public a renewed perception of this important part of our cultural heritage. Read more

Artist Interviews and Artist Participation as Research Tools in Conservation Practices

Aga Wielocha, specialisation Contemporary Art

This PhD project aims to answer the question, how the artist interview and artist participation can be used as a research tool in conservation and as a source in art technological research. Although the artist interview is recognized as an important tool to gather information about contemporary artworks, how this source is used and implemented in museum practice for conservation and presentation issues has not been investigated. Read more