DSC05903-kopieIn general, PhD-tracks run for 3-4 years. Funded positions are scarce, but prospective candidates can begin a self-funded track at any given moment, provided the research subject fits within the research framework of the programme and a full professor of the programme is willing to supervise the project. A minimum requirement for acceptance as an external PhD-candidate would be a research proposal detailing the research problem, methodology and work plan of the project. For more details, please contact the Postgraduate coordinator.

Within the University of Amsterdam one can check if vacancies for funded positions are available and apply for them via the following UvA-site.
Every doctoral candidate at the University of Amsterdam must go through a number of steps during the doctoral programme, from admission, to the formal procedure, up until the final defense ceremony. These steps are described in the Doctorate Regulations.

There are also networks and partnerships that have already been granted national or international funding and have (PhD) research possibilities within their framework. For example, the former Network for Conservation of Contemporary Art Research (NeCCAR), and the newly set up Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science (NICAS).