The Limburg Conservation Institute (SRAL) is a privileged partner of the UvA Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Department. In 2005 the existing conservation programmes of the Cultural Heritage Agency and the SRAL merged into the current programme at the UvA. SRAL used to train conservation students in the specialisations of Paintings and Painted Objects, Historic Interiors, and Modern Art. Today, the latter specialisation continued as Contemporary Art and is now fully incorporated in the UvA programme, while the Paintings conservation students continue their conservation training as Post-Master trainees at the SRAL in Maastricht for a full year. SRAL staff still contributes to the general training program and in particular to the specialisation Historic Interiors.


The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) also still has a significant role in the training programme. The students in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage collaborate with RCE-researchers on their research projects, for instance for their MA-theses on Conservation and Restoration.


Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, students take part in educational projects in order to benefit from special learning and teaching conditions that collaborative projects provide. In 2008-2010 the UvA Conservation and Restoration Department collaborated with the Helsinki Metropolia University and the University of Hildesheim on the conservation of ethnographic collections in EthCon. In 2011 the consortium established a new collaborative project together with Hungarian University of Fine Arts of Budapest, involving an intensive seminar about Historical Techniques in Arts and Crafts: HiTec. Teachers also share expertise in workshops abroad, for example on Artist Interviews, organised for students in Tallinn in 2016 and in Vienna in 2017.