The University of Amsterdam Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Department is a cooperation between the Faculties of Humanities and Sciences. The Rijksmuseum and the Cultural Heritage Agency are key partners for the UvA Conservation and Restoration Programme, sharing the Ateliergebouw on the Museumplein in a tripartite partnership. In 2008, the former Minister of Education, Culture and Science allotted this partnership with the mission to make the Ateliergebouw a Centre of Excellence. The tripartite partnership booked good results towards this end, initiating many shared research projects funded by various grants. Furthermore, many experts participated in the curriculum of the UvA Conservation and Restoration Department along with students and trainees taking part in national and international research and conservation projects. Within a couple of years the Ateliergebouw was transformed into “the place to be” for research and conservation of cultural heritage. Read more

Another significant – privileged – partner concerning education is the Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL) in Maastricht. The Post-Master trainees from the Paintings specialisation are trained and supervised by staff from the SRAL and employees of the SRAL participate actively in the UvA Master programme.

A number of, mainly Dutch museums and cultural heritage institutions that share sympathy for our mission and identity constitute important collaborators and partners concerning the education of future conservator-restorers. Many of these institutions supply objects and projects – including research projects – for students and trainees to work on or participate in. Read more

The UvA Conservation and Restoration Department has also established partnerships and collaborations with national and international associations, universities and colleges. These alliances stimulate valuable contributions to the training programme and provide a broad supportive network concerning developments in education, research and promotion of the discipline.