Entry requirements

The formal entry requirement for the Post-Master’s programme is possession of the Master’s degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the University of Amsterdam. Individual evaluations made during the Master’s programme will also be taken into consideration, paying particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Whether the candidate completed the full two-years of a Master’s programme;
  • The candidate’s conduct during the Master’s programme such as meeting set deadlines, number of re-sits;
  • The candidate’s attitude during the Master’s programme, for example: a pro-active, solution-driven and innovative attitude, willingness to learn, ability to self-reflect, work in a team and be supervised;
  • The confidence and trust that the Selection Committee has regarding the candidate’s ability to treat cultural heritage in a respectful manner and to successfully complete the Post-Master’s programme within the time allotted.


The candidate has to apply to become a conservator-restorer in training. The application entails writing a letter of motivation and a subsequent interview. Suitable candidates are selected by the Post-Master Selection Committee. This committee is composed of the following people: the programme manager, the Master’s programme coordinator, the lecturer(s) in the candidate’s field of specialisation and usually one of the professors.