Post-Master’s Programme

Entry requirements

Post-Master’s programme C&R
2 years

After successfully completing the full-time two-year Post-Master’s programme the trainee can start out as a professional in the field of conservation and restoration. At the beginning the programme involves both theoretical and practical teaching after which the focus gradually shifts towards gaining practical experience. This practical experience includes the careful study and assessment of cultural heritage objects in order to make responsible choices regarding their treatment. The choices made have to be critically tested and adjusted throughout the course of treatment. Through gaining as much experience as possible in the practice of both research and treatment, the conservator-restorer in training will learn to develop the flexible attitude and self-confidence required for this whole conservation and restoration process.

The academic year for the Post-Master’s programme starts on the 1st of October and ends on the 30th of September.

Please note that the first Post-Master’s year for Paintings in 2015-2016 takes place in Maastricht at the studios of the SRAL.