Structure of the UvA Conservation & Restoration programme (C&R)

Humanities or Science Bachelor of 3 years


Minor C&R (30 ECTS)
given in the Dutch language

Entry requirements

Master’s programme C&R
2 years

Master’s degree in C&R


Entry requirements

Post-Master’s programme C&R
2 years

Post-Master’s certificate: Professional Doctorate in C&R



The 30 ECTS Minor is taught in Dutch. Students who have successfully completed the Minor programme can request exemption from some of the admission tests required for entry into the Master’s programme covering the topics:

  • Chemistry and Preventive Conservation
  • Principles in Conservation

It is highly recommended to follow the Minor programme as a sound preparation for the Master, since it provides an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the discipline and profession.

The Master’s programme consists of 120 ECTS divided into:
66 ECTS object-oriented practicals in the chosen specialisation
36 ECTS interdisciplinary courses such as Science, Preventive Conservation, Documentation
18 ECTS Master thesis

The Post-Master’s programme runs for a two-year period, each year consisting of 1680 hours. The Post-Master’s programme starts on the 1st of October and ends on the 30th of September. The Post-Master trainee is a full-time employee of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) for the duration of the two-year programme.