The profession of the conservator-restorer is still relatively young. Even younger is the emergence of conservation and restoration as a scientific discipline requiring academic training. Both are rapidly gaining recognition and validation while being subject to continual development.

As a young scientific discipline, the acquisition of new knowledge and insights proceeds at a fast pace. These theoretical advances form the basis for hands-on conservation and restoration practice resulting in both a qualitative and quantitative expansion of the methods, materials and knowledge available. To operate at a high level of excellence, the professional is expected to keep up-to-date with new developments in both theory and practice.

Professionals working in the international field will be confronted with expanding theoretical and practical knowledge, the development of new materials and innovatory techniques and the symbiosis of practical skills and experience with scientific knowledge. Conservator-restorers feel responsible to ensure the best possible care of cultural heritage. This entails continuous learning and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments. Our Continuing Professional Development programme aims to contribute to these quickly changing developments.

PA170058We organise workshops, masterclasses and lectures given by leading academics, lecturers, researchers and conservator-restorers from the Netherlands and abroad. When particularly interesting topics are the subject of Master’s or Post-Master’s workshops we offer the opportunity to join them. Often this participation is on a limited basis due to the specific character of the workshop, or other more practical considerations.

Our participants come from the Netherlands and abroad. Please have a look at our programme and our terms and conditions.