Continuing Professional Development

In addition to the regular training programme, our department offers courses for those who work in the field of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. Throughout the academic year a range of courses, masterclasses, lectures and workshops are offered along with participation in some of the regular programme workshops on a limited basis. With this programme we hope to contribute to the continuous learning required by many accreditation systems in the international field of Conservation and Restoration, as well as the maintenance of high standards for the preservation of cultural heritage.

2014-10-16-14.28Several European professional organisations require an accredited status to demonstrate that the professional working in the field of Conservation and Restoration is fully-qualified and competent. Although not all professional organisations apply an accreditation system, it is clear that the implementation of a common standard across the profession entails a process of continuous learning throughout the professional’s career. The accredited status can only be maintained when the professional keeps his or her knowledge, capacities
and skills fully up-to-date.

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