Klaas Jan van den Berg
Professor of the Chemical Aspects of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, with an emphasis on painting

Maarten van Bommel
Professor of Conservation Science, chair of the section

Sven Dupré
Professor of History of Art, Science and Technology

Rob Erdmann
Professor of Computational Science

Ella Hendriks
Professor of Conservation and Restoration

Arjan de Koomen
Assistant Professor of Art History

René Peschar
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Maartje Stols-Witlox
Assistant Professor of Paintings Conservation

Sanneke Stigter
Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art Conservation

Lecturers Book and Paper

Lecturers Contemporary Art

Lecturers Glass, Ceramics and Stone

Lecturers Historic Interiors

Lecturers Metal

Lecturers Paintings

Lecturer Photography

Lecturers Textiles

Lecturers Wood and Furniture

Lecturers Technical Art History

Other lecturers

René Hoppenbrouwers (SRAL)

Kate Seymour (SRAL)

PhD candidates

Affiliated Researchers


Management Continuing Professional Development

Angèle Goossens

Rosa Hoogenboom