Work placements

The second year of the Post-Master is devoted to work placements in the Netherlands or abroad. For purposes of quality control the management will set up a list of certified host venues that are recognised by the University of Amsterdam. All kinds of conservation studios can be proposed for entry on this list, as submitted by lecturers, trainees and the professional field. Important selection criteria for admission include the following requirements:

  • The availability of a conservator-restorer as supervisor, preferably with a professional training in conservation and restoration;
  • The availability of suitable, didactic objects to be treated under conditions that are not adversely affected by tight budgets or time restrictions;
  • The studio has to be up-to-date regarding health, safety and labour regulations and legislation;
  • The studio has to work according to the Code of Ethics such as the E.C.C.O. Professional Guidelines II; Code of Ethics, see E.C.C.O.;
  • aanwijzing_8025629The studio has to demonstrate work at a high level of quality and be able to perform complex treatments that will be made accessible to the trainee.

The list of certified work placements will be kept up-to-date by the management and is only available for inspection by lecturers, trainees and education inspection institutions.