Rules of acceptance

Besides the aforementioned key-principles for acceptance the following conditions apply:

  • The research and/or treatment of the object must be conducted free of deadlines and time constraints;
  • Requests from private persons or non-museum organisations will only be considered when:
    • The object of cultural heritage carries significant value for education purposes;
    • If treatment is not carried out, the object of cultural heritage will deteriorate beyond repair or irretrievably loose its significance;
    • Requesting parties can show they have tried and failed to gather the financial means for professional research and/or conservation and restoration;
  • gouden-kruk_8025002The costs of labour for research and conservation treatment will be made known but not charged to the owner. The owner of the object will be alerted to the possibility of a voluntary donation to a fund for exceptional travel expenses for Post-Master trainees;
  • An advance written agreement will be made concerning costs for materials and research, transport, traveling and storage;
  • Agreements will be made regarding the publication of treatment results.