The full programme offers the necessary training to become a professional conservator-restorer of cultural heritage in one of the nine specialisations and one related programme to become a technical art historian. A professional conservator-restorer has the responsibility to study, assess and treat objects of cultural heritage in order to prevent further decay and at the same time enhance their qualities. To accomplish such goals, the conservator-restorer should be able to draw from a wide range of knowledge and skills. A thorough understanding of materials and their degradation is essential, but also the study and knowledge of the context of objects, groups of objects and ensembles. Cultural and historical values should be assessed and assigned thumb__DSC5481in order to establish the significance of the cultural heritage under treatment and to be able to make choices regarding such treatment.

The training is both vocational and academic and comparable to the medical training of general practitioners and dentists. The successful completion of the full programme gives entry to candidacy for a doctorate.